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One of two new luxury hotels near Disneyland is the JW Marriott, Anaheim Resort. It’s on the highest end of Marriott’s award ladder as a Category 7 hotel, costing 50,000 to 70,000 points each night.

I booked the JW Marriott, Anaheim Resort online and chose the lowest basic cost because there were no package discounts. This is a Marriott Category 7 hotel that requires 50,000 to 70,000 points per night. That’s a lot of points when you consider that there are limited-service Hyatt hotels nearby for 12,000 to 15,000 points per night, which provide complimentary breakfast and rooms with pullout sofas that are more suited for families.

It’s worth examining those possibilities if you’re intending to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards to your Marriott account to book this award. You can also save money by booking your stay through the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal or using Capital One points.

If cash rates rise while the award rate remains constant at 50,000, this could be a nice spot to use your annual free night award with the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card.


The JW Marriott Anaheim is located right off Disney Way, about a 15-minute walk from the Disneyland entrance. The hotel is near the Anaheim Garden Walk, a retail center including a movie theater and eateries like as P.F. Chang’s and Cheesecake Factory. This complex is accessible by a gate from the hotel gardens. If you’re traveling with children and seeking for easy food and entertainment alternatives outside the hotel, this is a great option.


The JW Marriott Anaheim opens for check-in at 4 p.m., and my niece and I arrived about 30 minutes later. The hotel now only has valet parking, which costs $40 per day. Although a nearby lot charges $35 for self-parking, I don’t think the hassle is worth it.

We handed over the keys, and the valet inquired if we needed assistance getting our things to the front desk. With only two carry-ons, we declined and proceeded to the foyer via the escalators.

The entrance and lobby are very gorgeous. A big chandelier hangs directly in the center of the foyer, and other glass sculptures wonderfully illuminate the space.

Outside, at the hotel door and the elevators, there were signs instructing guests to keep their masks on, wash their hands, and keep six feet apart from others.

Hand sanitizer dispensers complemented the signs in the entryway and near the elevators. Their placement was advantageous since it coincided with common touchpoints.

Only one of the three agents working the front desk was occupied. Michael, who was quite kind and welcoming, waved us over. He inquired about my flight and praised me for being a Bonvoy Platinum member.

Michael also informed us that the hotel would be commemorating the reopening of Disneyland the next day with a small concert in the lobby. When we got back from the park that night, there was a woman playing guitar and singing Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go,” with people singing along on the couches.


We were given room 1023, which overlooked the hotel pool. It was very spacious, with two nice queen beds, a couch by the window, and a little bar area with two complimentary water bottles and a mini-fridge to store them in.

With a closet across from the bathroom and drawer space near the workstation and nightstand, there was enough of storage.

There was also a charging connector above the nightstand with two power outlets and USB ports in the alarm clock.

While the accommodation was pleasant overall, I was dissatisfied with the level of cleanliness. To accordance with COVID-19 safety requirements, the remote control was wrapped in plastic and sanitizing wipes were provided. However, there were crumbs on the table as well as a brown stain on the duvet.

As I later realized, the housekeeping standards at this resort were also subpar when it came to public areas.

The bathroom

The bathroom was also rather large, with a separate shower and bathtub.

Aromatherapy Associates provided the amenities. There was soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, as well as mouthwash and a shower cap.


A spacious heated outdoor pool with plenty of loungers, an outdoor shower, and a locker room are available at the hotel. There were no instructions on how to use the lockers, and I couldn’t figure out how to set a password, so I just took our belongings to the pool with us.

I felt comfortable letting my niece swim because no one else was utilizing it.

While my niece went swimming, I worked on my laptop and discovered that the Wi-Fi was relatively fast. I later experienced troubles with my phone’s streaming rates, but it was fully useful for business.

For $250 per day, private cabanas with a TV, ceiling fan, and limitless drink and “some takeaway items” are available. On both days we visited the pool, the cabanas were in disrepair. On the floor and upholstery, there were crumbs, stains, and filth streaks.

We noticed a few dead flies and bees on the usual lounge seats. I initially threw it up to poor cleaning, but when we returned the next day, it was still dirty.

The outdoor shower was easily positioned near the locker room entrance, and there were plenty of towels to dry off with nearby. We left used towels in the locker room bathroom because there was no designated location to leave them. They hadn’t been picked up when we returned the next day.

Hotel gym

During our visit, the hotel gym was closed. A sign indicated that it was a COVID -19 safety protocol. It didn’t affect me because I’m not a gym rat, but it’s worth noting that the gym at the nearby Radisson Blu (where we spent two nights after this stay) was open.

Hotel garden

The garden area was one of my favorite hotel features, if you can call it that. It was located directly behind the check-in desk and had a lovely assortment of flowers and veggies for the on-site eateries.

Food and Beverage


Breakfast was served in the cafe below, which offered breakfast sandwiches, Starbucks coffee, and a variety of fruit and yogurt selections.

Parkestry rooftop bar

Parkestry, the hotel’s rooftop bar, is also available. They provide a separate seating area away from the bar and commotion for families and people searching for peace and quiet. The rooftop has breathtaking sunset views, and if Disneyland resumes nightly fireworks, this will be an excellent location to see them.

On our first day, my niece and I went up to the roof and took in the magnificent views right before sunset. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dining time is limited to 90 minutes. The menu was only accessible by QR code and had few kid-friendly alternatives. The only kid-friendly option was chicken fingers and fries, which my niece did not like, so we decided to leave.

The manager stopped us on our way to the elevator to check on us. My picky eater didn’t like the food options, so I told him we were going off-site. He apologized and added, “I hope we’ll get to welcome you back later.”

Convenience store

A hotel convenience store is located directly across from the front desk. It was one of the most beautiful I’d ever seen. It was equipped with all the necessities you might have left at home. There were onesies for toddlers, toiletries, skincare goods, and snacks. Everything was perfectly organized.

The service

The hotel’s service more than compensated for its lack of amenities and cleanliness. The service here was excellent. Whenever we bumped into a member of staff, they would stop and ask how our stay was and engage in polite banter.

When I required a bottle opener for our DoorDash order, a front desk employee brought it to me in five minutes, wrapped in plastic. When I requested late checkout on the final day, Michael said, “Of course! When do you want to check out?” I eventually asked for 2 p.m., but he said he’d be delighted to extend it if I needed more time.

Overall impression

The JW Marriott, Anaheim Resort is a relatively new hotel with some quirks to iron out. While the location is excellent and the hotel is lovely in general, amenities are currently being reduced, including housekeeping services. The lack of cleanliness in both the accommodation and the pool area disappointed me. The point prices at this hotel are also exorbitant when compared to adjacent options, but for a luxury hotel, you may find it worthwhile.

Aside from that, the service was excellent, and I believe this resort has huge potential once it reaches full capacity.

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